Merino wool is Natural, Biodegradable and Renewable Natural: There is no argument that wool is completely natural and is not man-made. Wool grows on the sheep naturally as a form of protection against the elements of nature such as the sun, rain, snow, the wind, and hail etc.

Biodegradable: When wool is disposed of and is buried in the ground, in comparison to other fibres, depending upon soil conditions it quickly breaks down or biodegrades. Wool is rich in Nitrogen a beneficial nutrient i.e. comprising around 16 % by weight, which after decomposing is released into the soil.

Renewable: Wool is a renewable resource. To produce wool sheep, need grass and water, and the wool will grow. Most sheep are shorn of their wool once per year, and the wool naturally grows back, then it is shorn again the following year and so on.

Ultimate Standards

Ultimate Merino is a Woolmark Licensees both for 100% wool products and wool blend products and for customers who take advantage of having their garments made by Ultimate Merino can rest assured that they will be made in accordance with the stringent Woolmark standards in terms of both garment wear and laundering performance. They also can take the advantage of using one of the relevant Woolmark logos on their garments and packaging.

Ultimate Merino is also accredited for WRAP and ISO 9001 and recently have become an accredited manufacturer by the Textile Exchange in relation to RWS (Responsible Wool Standard). Ultimate Merino also has knowledge and experience of meeting the requirements of the Greenpeace program "Detoxification of the textile pipeline".

Today for many traceability, and knowledge of the entire supply chain from “farm to fashion” or from “Sheep to Shop” is becoming important. Today Ultimate Merino can oversee this, and to assist customers and help them develop solutions related to this.

Textile Exchange
ISO 9001
Base Layer

Base Layer

Our products contain Australian Merino wool, either 100% or in blends with other fibres, wool has many benefits to the wearer

Mid Layer

Mid Layer

The natural properties of Merino Wool make it one of the best fibre for wearing in different seasons and locations



Advanced technologies applied in this range including: Hydro-duct moisture management technology for extra performance


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